Real time alerts

System can operate in full-automatic mode, where trades are entered and exited without any user interaction. In semi-automatic mode, the system can alert the trader. Alerts can be presented in three ways:

  • Real time events in QuantPairsTrader platform. These evens will show up in the console and simple one-click actions is required to enter and exit positions
  • Email alerts. These events will be sent to a set of email accounts, containing information on the trade possibility
  • Twitter alerts. These are just like email alerts, but using the twitter channel instead.

Twitter alerts

Video capture example

The following example is a video screen capture of a live trading session where several elements of QuantPairsTrader is shown. Run the video in 1080p and full screen to get the best resolution. Demo shows parts of the QuantPairsTrader platform:

  • Search - real time screening for trade opportunities
  • Analyzer - back testing and risk analyzer
  • Open positions - real time tracking of open positions

Video capture example